Summer Creations and Early Fall

Hi everyone!  I wanted to stop by and show some more creations of mine from this past summer.  Next week, Fall will be here!  The weather is finally getting cooler and the mountains have been seeing a little bit of snow.  Last weekend, we went to Virginia Beach to celebrate our close friends’ wedding.  It was nice to see the beach again, but sure don’t miss the humidity!

The first half of the summer, I spent making 25 drawstring bags that were requested by my aunt.  These bags were for my cousins’ cross country team.  All the bags were made from ladybug fabric which is the team mascot.  I am so happy how the bags turned out!

ladybug bag

I made a few more things this summer, from the fabric I brought back from Japan.  I made another patchwork yoga mat bag.  A few of these patches came from Japan, and the other patches came from scraps of fabric I already had.  And the kitty tote bag, I use as a reusable lunch/grocery bag.

cat bag

We use to keep out paper coasters, but Lilly dog would chew them up unless we were hiding them.  So I decided to make some cute Tea coasters out of the Japan fabric. I especially love the cherry blossom patterns.

And made a pride scarf for Lilly dog!

rainbow scarf

The past few months, I have also been really getting into weaving, and I will be sharing my woven creations in a future blog entry!



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