Handwoven Creations

Hello Everyone! So in my previous entry, I briefly mentioned that I recently taken up weaving!  I did not expect to enjoy it as much I have been, but I find weaving relaxing and soothing.  I have been mostly weaving with wool yarn that I have bought from local craft shops.  I have also been using hemp yarn, and experimenting with up-cycled materials such as shirt and cotton fabric strips.  The picture below is a tapestry I weaved out of the up-cycled materials.  I think it’s pretty rustic!

I have made a couple handbags out of some of my finished handwoven projects.  The crossbody bag is a mixture of wool and hamp yarn.

woven bagThe tote bag below is another awesome colorful bag that was partially hand weaved.  The middle of the bag was handwoven from multi-colored wool yarn, and then sewn onto cotton fabric.  (Don’t mind the photo bomber 🙂

This past month, I weaved two more wall hangings, including an orange pumpkin that is currently hanging up in my living room! But my favorite so far, is the mountain tapestry.  I am surprised how well this one turned out considering I have only been weaving for a few months!

pumpkin weave



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