Fall Backpacking Trip

Tomorrow is the first day of October! I am so excited!! Walter, a few friends, a couple fur babies, and I took a weekend backpacking trip in the Colorado wilderness.  We went to Indian Peaks Wilderness, located outside of Nederland which is a local mountain town.  I snapped several shots of the yellow aspens…I don’t think I will ever get tired of looking at these aspens in the fall.

We hiked about 5 miles in the mountains, camped near a lake and hiked another 5 miles back the next day.

The weather started out cloudy and foggy but cleared up as the day progressed.  The night was chilly/windy, but clear.  We were able to see some stars, and some of the bright lights in the distance coming from the City of Denver.  The next day hiking back, was mostly sunny and a little bit warmer.

We hiked a different trail on the way back, and I think I found even more fall aspens than on the first trail.


The trails were also full of waterfalls and two lakes.  I have said it before, I cannot take enough photos of waterfalls.  I think the best thing to listen to when camping is the sounds of running water. Unfortunately, the gusty winds that sneaked up in the middle of the night blocked them out.


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