Steamboat Springs

Happy October everyone!  Halloween is less than a week away, and according to the weather forecast predictions, Denver maybe getting a White Halloween!  Last weekend Walter, Lilly dog, and I took a weekend getaway up to Steamboat Springs.  We went skiing there last winter and we liked the town so much, we figured why not go and visit again when it is not ski season?

We first took a little hike up to Fish Creek Falls.  The mountains are beautiful this time of year.  There is something about fall leaves and snow mixed together…It is just exquisite.

We walked around the town a lot, visited a few local shops and art galleries.

I have been to several of the public man made hot springs before, but what I thought was really neat was seeing some of the small natural hot springs in Steamboat.

But we also had to go back to Strawberry Park Hot Springs!  It was a little a bit of a different experience this time.  It was lighter outside and warmer.  The previous time we went, it was dark and zero degree temps.


And the drive back to Denver the next day….SNOW!!



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