Foundation Paper Piecing

Happy November!! The snow is falling in the Denver metro area tonight!  I have not posted here in awhile, and just wanted to post my newest projects.  Last month, I went to a Paper Piecing class at Fancy Tiger Crafts; one of my favorite local craft stores.

In this class I learned how to sew scraps of fabric onto paper piecing patterns, and they were mountain patterns!  It was a lot of fun that I began to get more paper piecing patterns to make at home!

I began practicing with more mountains from the patterns I received from the class, and found additional patterns.  I also made a skull, a unicorn, and a bumblebee paper piece!


The Bumblebee pattern was made into a handbag!  This cute tote is available on my etsy!

I am working on a few more paper piecing patterns including Christmas trees, hearts, and flowers.  Stay tuned!  And Happy Thanksgiving!


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