Hello! My name is Julie.  I live in Denver, Colorado, but I am originally from Virginia. I started sewing and making handbags in 2009. I have participated in several craft shows/markets, and sold my bags in a local artisan gift shop in Virginia. For awhile I was mostly creating handbags and pouches.  I also love to weave and take photos, but the past few years I really got into quilting. In my spare time I sew (of course), bake, hike, ski, attend craft/art shows, and spend time with my husband Walter and my dog Lilly. Several of my bags and quilts are inspired by Day of the Dead and Sugar Skulls, but recently I have been getting my inspirations from hiking in the Colorado Mountains. I have been fascinated with nature, trees, and flowers. I have been making my bags with fabrics that have a wilderness theme, including patterns with mountains, trees, flowers, animals, and the colors of nature including fall colors.  My blog mostly focuses on my creations and inspirations, and every now and then, I will write about my trips and travel adventures.  My goal is to share and inspire everyone who is reading. Enjoy!

Meet Julie Swift

Meet Julie Swift | Artist/Quilter

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