August/September 2017 Creations!

My favorite time of year is back again! Fall and Halloween!! I have began making my fall creations including new Trick-or-treat bags, and I even made a new reversible quilted table runner…one side is Halloween and the other side is fall pumpkins!


September has been a pretty busy month for me…I have participated in two craft fairs/farmers market this month. One of the markets was behind the apartment buildings we previously lived in. The Markets were a lot of fun, and I hope I’ll be able to participate in some Christmas shows.

I have made several other bags the past two months, some examples are below! I have also finally updated my etsy site with several new listings!


Up-cycled Materials into Bags

So, last month we moved into our new place. We kept our brown leather couch, however, we decided to get rid of the ottoman. But I didn’t just want to throw away good leather material, so we decided to cut up the leather and I made several new tote bags and cross-body bags out of the up-cycled fabric.

I also included regular fabric to the bags including canvas and cotton. I think the bags turned out really great with the brown leather.

I have also included a couple more bags I currently made, and of course one of them is sugar skulls!

Spring is Here!

I can’t believe it is already April! After having a very warm February and March, it feels like spring came early this year. Nothing new going on in the last couple months, just continuing to stay busy with my sewing. I am excited to have my first craft show of the year coming up in May, so of course I have been preparing for that. I have included examples of creations I have made the past two months, including more Colorado bags, a CO cross-body bag made with up-cycled denim, and Broncos bags!

Other bags I have made including a Honey Bee drawstring bag, Paris Zippered Pouch with up-cycled denim, and another sugar skull bag! More updates on the upcoming craft show and other new creations next month!

My Holiday Creations

It is the holidays in Colorado, and it has been cold and snowy!  The past few weeks, I have been super busy with sewing and craft fairs.  I have participated in two holiday craft fairs that took place in the suburbs outside of Denver including Aurora and Castle Rock.  I made a whole new banner for my booth and I sold more of the CO tote bags that I began to make, and I continue to make more of the CO flag tote bags, and sell them at future craft fairs!

For the past few months I have been spending a lot of time making custom orders, sewing little Christmas bags, and preparing for the holiday shows, now I am taking a break to enjoy the holidays.  Last week we went up to Keystone to go skiing, and this week I started a new position at my company.  The view of the mountains from my office building is beautiful.  The week before Christmas, I will be flying into Virginia to visit with my family, and for Christmas I will be here in Colorado.  After the holidays, I will continue to sew and begin to prepare for future local spring craft shows!

I hope everyone has a safe/happy holiday and New Year, and check out my new listings on my Etsy site!

New Creations and My First Craft Fair in Denver

I have been living in Denver, Colorado for about a month now, and I have already participated in my first craft fair here last week!  It took place during a first Friday at an art walk in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver.  I only sold a few things, but I made a few connections and met some other great crafters.  There was a big turn out at the art and craft show, and there were other great and unique vendors.  This was a night market, the first one I have ever participated in.  The weather was a little drizzly, but most of the rain stayed away, and it was not too hot and not too cold.

The past few weeks, I have made several new bags and I also began to sew little zippered coin pouches.


I have also visited several small business owned fabric stores in the City and outside of the City including “Fancy Tiger Crafts” and “Colorado Fabrics.”  I love the fabric I located in these stores.  There very unique looking and it is good quality fabric.  I have began to sew crossbody bags and more cosmetic bags.  I am also sewing with other material such as canvas.

I have also began to make little collar flowers for my dog!  I loved how the skull flower turned out.  Colorado is a very dog friendly place, and Lilly has received many compliments on her flower collars!

I have included more of my creations on my Etsy site!


New Creations with Old T-shirts

For the past few months I have been staying at my parents house in Elizabeth City, North Carolina until I journey off to Colorado next month.  One day, I was going through my closet and I saw some old shirts that I have not worn since high school/college.  Some shirts were too cute give away, so I decided to make tote bags.


So far, I have made one tote bag out of an old pink Candy Land shirt.  The inside of the bag I used regular pink cotton fabric, and then I cut up another old t-shirt and braided the material to make the handles for the bag.  I found this unique idea on Pinterest.  I am really impressed on how the bag and handles turned out.

While I have been staying with my parents, I have been trying to keep myself busy by sewing.  I have included a few examples of more creations I just made, including a Grumpy Cat tote bag and a few zippered pouches with faux leather.  I have also included these creations on my Etsy site.  Please go check these out along with my other creations!


Winter 2016 Creations

This winter I am taking a break from craft shows so I can concentrate on increasing my inventory.  I have began to sew fleece mermaid tail blankets.  I have made one for myself, and I continue to make more and sell the rest.  The blankets have turned out great, and they are very warm and comfortable!

With the leftover fleece fabric from the mermaid blankets, I have been making no sew doggy toys.  I just braid 3 long scraps of fleece fabric together and tie knots at the ends…Super Easy! These will also be included in my inventory for upcoming craft shows.

Of course, I am continuing to making more fabulous handbags this winter.  These two purses below are being sold 3 Little Black Birds artisan store.

I continue to sew more blankets and bags this winter, that is if I am not busy skiing one weekend.



Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas night, and little did we know that we would need the Air Condition on during this time of year.  For the past couple of days, the temperature has been 70-80 degrees here in Norfolk, Virginia.  It has been enjoyable, however I still prefer the cold crisp air during Christmas.  Although it has been unseasonably warm…I have had some cold days during my fall/Christmas craft shows, but that did not stop the turn out and sales!  I have made plenty of my creations for this year’s craft shows and also participated at a craft show that took place at a local humane society.  Of course, I sold several dog scarves that day.

mermaid bag

Recently, I have made a few handbags out of old shirts and even old suit jackets that came from the thrift store.  It is very fun and unique to turn a certain item into something different.

I recently have been shopping at private owned craft stores to locate different looking fabric.  The bags located below, are bags I have made from new and old fabric that I have located at local craft shops and craft/fabric swap events.  Sometimes I enjoy making bags and accessories out of up-cycled materials and old fabric the most…I believe it gives my handbags and creations more meaning and uniqueness.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, there is nothing better than giving gifts to others that were handmade from me…including the Star Wars Pajama pants I have made for my boyfriend.  I will be taking a brief break this winter from craft shows, so I can focus on making brand new creations for the spring.  Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year!

star wars pjs

Blog Entry from a Mermaid

I must say I had a blast this Halloween.  My favorite part about Halloween is hand-making my costume and showing it off to every one else.  This year I wanted to do a costume theme with my boyfriend, so we decided to do a sea creatures.  I dressed up as a mermaid, and he ended up being a jellyfish.  And to really make things cute, I bought my dog a shark costume to wear but that I only lasted for about 5 minutes.  We took some great pictures of her so that’s okay.


Besides my dogs shark costume, both me and my boyfriends costumes were of course handmade.  For my mermaid costume, I just made a pencil skirt out of blue sequenced fabric and included ruffles at the end to make the fins.  For the bra top I attached blue beads and seashells, and glued some fake seaweed to hang from the bra top.  For my boyfriends jellyfish costume, we covered a sombrero hat with bubble wrap, blue fabric, googly eyes, and battery operated lights on the inside.  For the tentacles, we just hung pieces of blue fabrics with blue and white strings lights.  Our costumes looked great, and I am really proud of the work that we put into them.

mermaid jellyfish jellyfishmermaid

Hope everyone had a spooky and fantastic Halloween!