My Photographs on Bags

Lately, I have been taking some amazing photos of my previous trips and hikes. One day I discovered a website called, where I can upload my own pictures and have them printed on fabric! Once I receive the fabric, I have been making tote bags and zippered pouches with my printed photographs! The first tote bag I made were from a couple of pictures I took on my Paris trip. I made an instagram collage of pink roses and the Eiffel Tower. I thought this bag came out great.

The next two tote bags are pictures of flowers I took during my hikes here in Colorado and in Michigan. The first bag is a collage of lilies and flowers, and the next tote bag is a close up picture of the Colorado flower.

The two zippered pouches I made were from pictures I took of the Colorado mountains! The first picture was from back in Fall. I thought the pictures printed on the fabric perfectly. I have been interested in photography recently, and I love that I can show off my bags and my photographs at once!


Paris Trip 2017

Bonjour!! Walter and I took a trip to Paris, France a couple weeks ago. Paris is exciting, beautiful, and definitely a City that never sleeps. We spent five days there, and it was a great trip despite it being unseasonably warm. I enjoyed all of the museums, food, wine, and of the course the fashion.

The first day we arrived in the afternoon. We were both a little jet-lagged, but we still took a walk around the City, and past The Notre Dame Cathedra, the “Musee du Louvre,” and ate escargot at a local cafe. The snails tasted pretty good!

Day 2 in Paris, the first thing we did was of course visited the Eiffel Tower.

We also visited The Grand Palais, A Louis Vuitton Store, Arc de Triumphe, The Jardin Du Luxembourg, Place De L’Opera, and the Sacre-Coeur, and ate some delicious Macaroons.

Day 3, we visited the Palais Galliera, where the exhibit was Dalida’s (A French entertainer) garments that she wore throughout her career.

We also visited another art museum; Musee D’Orsay where we saw some amazing art. We also ate some delicious crepes for lunch, visited Place Vendome (a high-end shopping center) and then had some wine, cheese, and Creme Brulee for dinner. In the evening, we also walked a little more and took a glimpse at Moulin Rouge.

Day 4, we started the day out by taking lunch cruise, and toured the whole city while eating a delicious meal and dessert.

After the cruise, we visited the “The Foundation Louis Vuitton” and “Afriques Capitales” where both had an African art exhibit.

Of course, we had more delicious wine and cheese, and visited the Eiffel Tower again to see it all lit up after dark.

Day 5, was our last full day in Paris. We had another delicious breakfast and after that we stopped by the “Lu Musee Du Chocolat,” and learned a little bit about the history of chocolate and had some delicious samples.

After the museum, we took it easy and walked around. It was still very hot, but that still didn’t stop us. We went inside The Notre Dame Cathedral, visited a few other gardens, the Terrasse Panoramique where we got to see the whole view of Paris, and went inside the Paris Catacombs. Our last meal included more cheese and wine!

We flew back home bright and early the next day. I can’t wait to back to Europe again soon! Bon Voyage!!

Weekend in Moab

This entry has no sewing or creations, just some beautiful pictures of our weekend trip. Last weekend Walter, Lilly dog, and I took a camping trip in Moab, Utah to hike and explore the beautiful canyons.

It was cloudy during the day on Saturday and a bit chilly at night.

Sunday was a lot warmer and sunnier. You can really tell the difference in the pictures of the canyons between a cloudy day and a clear sunny day. They really show up in the clearer with the blue sky!

This weekend is the craft fair/Alpaca show! Stay Tuned!

My Trip to Colorado

So, this blog entry is completely unrelated to my sewing and crafts, but I wanted to post about my last trip I took to Colorado AKA my future home!  I went to Colorado for a long weekend to visit my boyfriend, and I also wanted to check out Denver and the areas surrounding the City.  My boyfriend took me to several places and towns such as Red Rock, Boulder, and Idaho Springs.

The view of the mountains were beautiful and as you can see, there is still snow on the mountain top!


We also visited local shops, boutiques, and events, such as a craft fair and a Cinco De Mayo event.  My favorite shop we visited was a local coffee shop that had cats roaming around in the shop. So you can just come inside, have some coffee and play with all of the cats!


I can definitely say that I enjoyed Colorado, and I cannot wait to move there in two months!!



Fall Creations and New Orleans Trip

Fall is my favorite time of the year!  It is the time when I get the most creative with making Halloween Costumes, fall decor, Halloween/fall dog scarves, and Trick-or-Treat Bags.

halloween bags halloween bags 2 candy corn day of the dead bag day of the dead bag 2 sugar skulls

Besides Christmas time, Fall is the time I enjoy and participate in craft shows and farmers markets the most.  I love the weather and the atmosphere at farmers markets during the fall season.  The Virginia Beach Farmers Market craft show events I participate the most in but unfortunately, the events were cancelled 2 weekends in a row due to the heavy rain and hurricane threats on the east coast.  But that’s okay, I have been participating in other crafts shows including the “Riverview Village Days” which is a new local craft fair event in Norfolk, Virginia that is held once a month in the summer/fall.  It was a great event full of other local vendors and artisans.

riverview riverview 2

Last week I took a trip to New Orleans with my boyfriend and a couple of our friends, and it was my first visit.  Of course I loved the food there, and loved the layouts and architecture of the older buildings.   But most of all, I loved the artistic culture atmosphere.  We checked out several art shows and craft markets, and saw some awesome local art and paintings.  We even took home a few pieces of art with us!  I mostly checked out the art and shops to gain some inspiration from the local artisans.  I also loved the popularity of sugar skulls in the City and how they were all included on clothes, jewelry, and paintings.  New Orleans is definitely an exciting City, and definitely unique from other Cities here in America.  I had a great time, and would love to go back some day.

skull bags new orleans new orleans 2 art show french market