1st Backpacking trip of 2020

A few weeks ago we went on our first backpacking trip of the year.  We hiked into Pike National Forest which is about 2 hours outside of Denver, and after 6 miles of hiking we camped for one night.

These trails had amazing mountain views, with several unique looking rocks.

Some of these rocks had interesting looking shapes and reddish colors.

The wildflowers are beginning to grow!  And deeper into the hike, we saw so many aspen trees…I never get tired of looking at aspens!

On our hike back down the mountain we took a detour trail and saw an old abandoned cabin and also came across a few caves.  Inside the caves were beautiful but chilly!

Almost 20 years ago, this forest suffered a massive fire that wiped out most of trees, so it was a little sad at the beginning of the trails to see most of the forest burned down still.  But we also notice the forest replanting itself, with new aspen trees growing.  Nature really does heal itself!



  1. On that trail, do you book a particular campsite ahead of time or did you find a spot that looked good and set up? I am very interested in backpacking, but still kind of nervous.


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