8 Mile Hike

Because of the pandemic and social distancing,  I can safely say that we will be doing plenty of hiking and camping this summer…which is okay!  It just means more blog posts with pictures of beautiful Colorado!  This past weekend we did an 8 mike hike on Walker Ranch Trailhead which is located near Boulder.  The trail was beautiful,  plenty of mountain views and wildflowers.


I loved seeing all the wildflowers already blooming, especially the little cactus flowers.  And took a few close up photos of the little pollinators!


I love hikes with running water as well.

It was a pretty warm and sunny day, but around 4 miles into the hike is when the thunderstorms rolled in.  We hiked a little in the rain, but tried to avoid being in the open spaces when it was lightning.

Of course Lilly dog enjoyed herself (except for the rain and thunder).

Colorado really is an incredible state with beautiful mountains and trails.  During this pandemic, I feel like I appreciate even more living in this state.

Continue to Stay safe!


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