New Creations and Pouches for Australia

Hope everyone is having a fantastic 2020 so far!  I have been pretty busy so far this year.  Not just with crafting but with work, skiing, etc.  Last weekend we skied in Crested Butte, CO.  It was beautiful but COLD!!

This weekend, I finished a quilted Table runner which is Cherry Blossom themed.  I used some scraps I had leftover from the fabric I bought in Japan.

And, I have been following the bush fires that are currently happening in Australia.  The destruction these fires are causing in this beautiful country and to the wildlife that lives in it is very devastating.  But I think it’s wonderful how many people all around the world have volunteered to help, donate, and rescue the surviving animals from the fires.  I also wanted to help as well.  I heard about this organization “Animal Rescue Craft Guild” where crafters all over the world have volunteered to sew and knit Joey patches, nests, blankets, beds, and bags for the animals that were rescued.  I spent a week on making several Joey pouches for the little animals.  I used approved patterns and instructions that was provided from the organization, and used some fabric scraps and recycled cotton including t-shirts to make the pouches.   Once I finished making the pouches, I had them sent to Australia.  I hope these animals will be warm and comfy in them!  I just wish I could do more.  I will definitely be looking into some local animal rescues and charities that also need handmade items as well.



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