New Handmade Quilt

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and the holidays are now upon us! In this entry, I wanted to share my newly made and sustainable quilt that I finished about a couple weeks ago.

As I have mentioned in previous blog entries, I try to use as much scraps/sustainable fabric that I already own, so therefore this quilt is a mixture of cotton and upcycled materials that came from Walter’s old button shirts. Of course, I had to buy more batting and some more fabrics for the back and borders of the quilt.

I finished this quilt in a little under two months, and it was pretty fun to make. I love the geometric designs on each quilt block, and I love all the colors I used, which make for a simple but beautiful quilt. I believe all of the shirts and fabric I used worked out very well for this quilt.

Once again, I did not do a fancy free motion top stitch design (which I have not mastered yet), but just some straight lines.

This quilt is about the same size as a lap quilt, so not too big. And of course, Lilly dog thinks she owns it. 🙂


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