Fall and Halloween 2021

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!! On this blog post I wanted to share some photos from our hikes this fall in the Colorado wilderness and from Halloween!

I cannot get enough of the fall leaves here in Colorado. In September and October, we took a few hikes, a back packing trip, and a couple drives in the wilderness and saw some incredible fall aspen trees. We hiked a few trails up in Colorado including Raggeds Wilderness which is located near Crested Butte, and saw a few moose sightings at Lake Mitchell Trailhead!

Halloween was a blast this year! This Halloween included a pumpkin carving, parties (including a 1970s theme party), and a Spooky Kooky 5K where my friends and I walked the 5K with our handmade fruit themed outfits. We dressed up as a Strawberry, watermelon (me), pineapple, and Kiwi. The 5K walk took place on Halloween day and it was COLD!


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