New King Quilt

Last week, I finished a new quilt!  This one I managed to make it king sized!  Our bedroom needed some more color, so I thought this would be the best time to gather my scraps of fabric and make a patchwork quilt for our bed.  This took me about 2 months to make, and I think it turned out beautiful!

The main colors I used was blue, purple and gray, and added some yellow and green colors.  Most of the fabric came from scraps of fabric I already had.  However, in order to make the quilt big enough,  I bought some more fabrics from this cute local craft thrift store “The Craft Box” located in Wheat Ridge, CO, and the batting and fabric for the back and binding came from JOANN’s.  I wanted to make this quilt as eco-friendly as possible.

king quilt (1)

Lilly dog wanted to help as well!  I love how all the colors collaborate with each other.  I just wish I had a big quilting machine to complete the fancy top stitching on a quilt this big.  I did try to do the free motion quilting, but my machine is too small for this size of a quilt, and I did not have much space.  This quilt still looks great though, and I’ll just have to stick with the free motion quilting for the smaller projects!


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