Dirty 30 and New Beginnings

In April, I just turned the big 3-0.  I thought I would be more depressed about it, but it turns out this is the year of changes and excitement.  In February, I found out that I would be moving to Denver, Colorado.  My boyfriend accepted a job offer right outside of the City.  He moved there last month, but I will be moving there in July.  This will be huge and an exciting new adventure for me considering I have lived in Virginia practically all my life.  I am excited to see what the craft and art atmosphere the City of Denver has to offer.  I am assuming that it is a lot bigger in Denver than in the VA Beach area and maybe more competitive, but I plan to continue with my handbags, participate in craft shows, and meet other local artisans in Denver.

Since I have been getting prepared to move and been commuting a longer way to work for the next couple months, I have not been doing much sewing this Spring.  I did participate in farmers market in March, and I plan to participate in a couple more craft shows before I move.

farmers market

I did get a new sewing machine for my birthday – so I still have been doing some sewing.  I have made several more tote bags, and I also been making some reusable market/grocery bags to sell.  I have received a box full of up-cycled fabric, and that is when I decided to make and sell reusable grocery bags.


Here are some examples of new tote bags and make-up bags I made in the past couple months, and also the new maxi skirt that I made from fabric I bought from Mood Fabrics!

mermaid make-up bag


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