Winter 2016 Creations

This winter I am taking a break from craft shows so I can concentrate on increasing my inventory.  I have began to sew fleece mermaid tail blankets.  I have made one for myself, and I continue to make more and sell the rest.  The blankets have turned out great, and they are very warm and comfortable!

With the leftover fleece fabric from the mermaid blankets, I have been making no sew doggy toys.  I just braid 3 long scraps of fleece fabric together and tie knots at the ends…Super Easy! These will also be included in my inventory for upcoming craft shows.

Of course, I am continuing to making more fabulous handbags this winter.  These two purses below are being sold 3 Little Black Birds artisan store.

I continue to sew more blankets and bags this winter, that is if I am not busy skiing one weekend.




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