Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas night, and little did we know that we would need the Air Condition on during this time of year.  For the past couple of days, the temperature has been 70-80 degrees here in Norfolk, Virginia.  It has been enjoyable, however I still prefer the cold crisp air during Christmas.  Although it has been unseasonably warm…I have had some cold days during my fall/Christmas craft shows, but that did not stop the turn out and sales!  I have made plenty of my creations for this year’s craft shows and also participated at a craft show that took place at a local humane society.  Of course, I sold several dog scarves that day.

mermaid bag

Recently, I have made a few handbags out of old shirts and even old suit jackets that came from the thrift store.  It is very fun and unique to turn a certain item into something different.

I recently have been shopping at private owned craft stores to locate different looking fabric.  The bags located below, are bags I have made from new and old fabric that I have located at local craft shops and craft/fabric swap events.  Sometimes I enjoy making bags and accessories out of up-cycled materials and old fabric the most…I believe it gives my handbags and creations more meaning and uniqueness.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, there is nothing better than giving gifts to others that were handmade from me…including the Star Wars Pajama pants I have made for my boyfriend.  I will be taking a brief break this winter from craft shows, so I can focus on making brand new creations for the spring.  Seasons greetings and a Happy New Year!

star wars pjs


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