My Trip to Colorado

So, this blog entry is completely unrelated to my sewing and crafts, but I wanted to post about my last trip I took to Colorado AKA my future home!  I went to Colorado for a long weekend to visit my boyfriend, and I also wanted to check out Denver and the areas surrounding the City.  My boyfriend took me to several places and towns such as Red Rock, Boulder, and Idaho Springs.

The view of the mountains were beautiful and as you can see, there is still snow on the mountain top!


We also visited local shops, boutiques, and events, such as a craft fair and a Cinco De Mayo event.  My favorite shop we visited was a local coffee shop that had cats roaming around in the shop. So you can just come inside, have some coffee and play with all of the cats!


I can definitely say that I enjoyed Colorado, and I cannot wait to move there in two months!!




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