Paper Piecing and Hand quilting

I cannot believe summer is already coming to an end! I am looking forward to some cooler weather soon. This summer, while I have still been working on some quilts, I have also been working on smaller projects. I wanted to spruce up the home decor in my house so I decided to make a couple pillows and a new table runner. The table runner is southwestern themed and is currently displayed on my kitchen table.

These two pillows below are currently lying on the top of my couch. In the middle of the second pillow is a photo of a bee/flower I took, and had the photo printed on fabric from I think the colors of the borders match perfectly with the photo!

While I was making these pillows, I decided to experiment with hand quilting. It was not difficult at all, just a little more time consuming but it was also soothing. I love that I could just sit down in front of the TV while I hand quilted. I am really satisfied on how the stitching came out on the pillows, especially when these were my first attempts hand quilting.

I also made a few more pillows for my niece and nephews. The cat pillow was for my niece, and the Koala and Chemistry set were for my nephews.

These pillows were all made from paper piecing patterns. I had a lot of fun making these, although the Koala pattern was the most challenging.

The fox mini quilt below was something I made several months earlier, but I have not shared it yet in a blog post. The fox was also made from a paper piecing pattern and this is currently hung up at my cubicle at work. 🙂

Paper piecing pattern credits:

Cat, Koala, and Fox:

Chemistry and books:


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