New Patchwork Quilt

Happy April!! I wanted to share my new quilt that I finished a few weeks ago. I am so excited for this one…It is all patchwork from my favorite scraps of fabric! There are lots of colors, animals and floral patterns. I also included some of my fabric designs from my Spoonflower profile.

I am really proud of this quilt, and so happy that my quilting skills are improving. However, I did not keep this quilt. I have donated this quilt to which is a local craft/fabric place located in Boulder, Colorado. They sell fabric and craft supplies online, and also collect quilts to donate to individuals that have been affected by natural disasters such as The Marshall Fires that occurred in Colorado in December. They also are working with a charity that is shipping quilts out to Ukrainian refugees. I dropped off my quilt on Tuesday in Boulder, and I hope this quilt will bring joy and comfort to whoever receives it.

This quilt is big enough to fit a twin bed, and is very comfortable and soft. I made this quilt specifically to donate so I wanted to use the brightest and happiest fabric I had.

Click on the link below, If you want to learn more about the company and where they donate quilts to, or If you also want to donate!



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