Day of the Dead Quilt

It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, AKA Galentine’s Day!  Hope everyone will have a good time with their Sweethearts, friends, and/or furbabies!  My current Galentine is my furbaby Lilly dog! 🙂

Tonight, I wanted to show off the new Quilt I just made.  A few months ago, I gathered all of my sugar skull/skull fabric scraps, and decided to make a Day of the Dead themed quilt.   I love how it turned out, it’s so bright and fun! I think the patch work on the quilt turned out great as well.  I also used other fabric patterns in similar and some contrast in colors including pink, purple, black, and red that make the quilt more awesome.

Overall, I enjoy making patchwork quilts.  Even though it can be intricate at times, it is relaxing and I love to be creative!

Which skull pattern is your favorite??

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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