New Year and New Craft Skills

Happy New year everyone!  I can’t believe January is almost over!  It has been a little snowy this winter in Colorado, so of course I have been doing some skiing.  This year, I also decided to do some other crafting besides making handbags.  I have made this fabulous Jellyroll rug, it’s not perfect, but not bad for my first rug!  I made the rug from fabric scrapes I already saved, and Lilly seems to like it!

jellyroll rug

Last weekend I learned how to weave at a local Craft store in Denver.  I really enjoyed it, and found weaving relaxing.  My wall hanging tapestry came out great!  I plan to buy a bigger loom and make some blankets and scarves.


Last but not least, I made new leggings!  I made the leggings from a pattern I already designed on  Lilly dog looks so cute on leggings!




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