Santa Fe Trip

Last weekend, Walter and I decided to take a short trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  There is so much history and culture in this City, and I loved the atmosphere!  We had a great time exploring the City and looking at all the folk art and statues.  We stayed at a little bed and breakfast, and ate at a few delicious restaurants.


Walter and I spent the whole Saturday exploring several art galleries and shops.  I saw some amazing paintings, ceramics, jewelry, and textiles.  I also saw Day of the Dead and southwestern themed art.  You can definitely say I gained a lot of inspiration!

We also did a lot of walking around the City and located a couple small trails.  The City is beautiful this time of year.  Although it got a lot colder and started to snow the day we left.

The architecture in Santa Fe is really neat looking.  I enjoyed walking around to look at the designs and structures of the buildings and churches.  In New Mexico and the rest of the southwestern part of the United States has a Pueblo Revival architecture style.

We also visited the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts, and saw some amazing Native American art.  This museum is located in Downtown Santa Fe.

And of course, we had to visit one of the most popular attractions in Santa Fe….Meow Wolf!

Santa Fe is an artistic and fun city to visit, with lots of activity.  I definitely recommend Santa Fe to everyone!


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