New Totes and Handmade Poncho

I have been a little quiet on here recently.  So much going in the past couple of months, but I made a couple more new tote bags I wanted to share, and a poncho that I made for myself.

Ponchos and shawls are my new favorite things to wear right now, so I decided to make one!  I love how it turned out!  The poncho was made from acrylic fabric, with black and white stripes and the houndstooth pattern.


The two tote bags I recently made were partially made from up-cycled fabric.  The plaid on the red tote, was made from a buttoned shirt, and the denim on the brown plaid tote was made from blue denim jeans.

Of course I included cute animal patterns on the inside of the bags!

Stay tuned for the next blog entry, where I will include all of my cute holiday crafts!!


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