First Creations of 2023

It has been cold and snowy here in Denver this winter, but I have been taking advantage of all the skiing. And of course, winter is also the best time to be sewing!

It has been a few months since I made a quilt, but last week I have finished my first quilt of the year!

Most of the fabric I used was new. I love to use my scraps, but I also love to support local craft stores by buying new awesome fabric designs!

We took Lilly dog on a little stroll one day to do a little photoshoot with this awesome new quilt.

This quilt will also be donated over seas to a refugee from Ukraine. I will be sending this quilt to a wonderful organization, “Wrap Ukraine with Quilts” where I have donated one of my handmade quilts before. If you want to donate or send quilts to Ukrainian refugees please visit their website!

Since I had some leftover fabric from making this quilt, I decided to make a couple more zipper pouches. These are available on my Etsy site!


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