Great Sand Dunes

I am so excited that it is Spring and that it is finally warm! Well, it’s been back and forth actually. Last week was National Parks week and Earth Day! About a week and a half ago we took a weekend trip to the Great Sand Dunes National park. The weather on the first day wasn’t too great…it was cloudy, windy, and snowy.

The dusting of snow fit well with the dunes actually.

The snow got a little heavier later on in the day. We saw some deer, and took a small hike up to Zapata Falls, which pretty much was frozen but still beautiful.

The next day, which was also the same day we left was a much better day weather wise. It was sunny and blue skies, and we were able to see much more of the sand dunes!

The Sand Dunes National Park was amazing and I highly recommend it. I am glad we were able to take a trip there and coincidentally on National Parks week!


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