More Fall Creations

Happy almost Halloween! It’s been quite a year. I try not to be too negative on my blog posts, but it has been a tough year to stay positive. I will sure be glad when 2020 is over. Trying to accept this “new normal” with the pandemic, has been very difficult and has been hard on my mental health. Besides COVID-19, Colorado (and other parts of the country) has been experiencing some record breaking wildfires this year. With all of the smoke in the air, there have been days where it looks like sunset at 3:00 pm. My thoughts continue to go out to everyone who has been affected by COVID and these wildfires.

When I feel down, sewing/crafting usually makes me feel better, but recently there have been times I have not been feeling as motivated to sew. But I realized, it still helps me take my mind off of things. Here are a few more bags I have recently made!

Since there have been more record breaking wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters recently, I have decided to donate 10% of my sales from a few selected of my listings on Etsy to non-profits including “The Nature Conservancy.”

These listings are located on my Etsy site:

And I also wanted to mention that I have donated one of my handmade mini quilts “Bee My Honey” to an online auction with the “Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum” which is located in Golden, Colorado. This is a great museum, that displays several amazing homemade quilts. Please bid on mine or any other mini-quilts you are interested in! Link is below, and you have until October 31 to place your bids. I hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy!


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