Hiking Adventures and Wildflowers

The hiking trails in the Colorado mountains are finally clear from a snowy winter.  Last Sunday we hiked the Butler Gulch Trail.  We have hiked this trail two years ago,  we decided to hike this again, because of all the beautiful waterfalls and wildflowers.


There were so many wildflowers, it was overwhelming that I couldn’t stop photographing them!

I was excited to get a few close up photos of the little bumble bees collecting nectar!

The views of the mountains were breathtaking.  There is still even snow at the tippy tops!  It may not be snowing, but the mountains have been getting plenty of rain.  On our way back down we got rained and thundered on, so had to turn around early!

Of course, Lilly dog was having the time of her life! (before the rain and thunder came through).



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