Japan Trip 2019

Happy Summer everyone! Well almost summer, the snow is finally finished in Denver for the season (hopefully)!  I have been a little quiet here lately….we have been busy doing some traveling!  Last month, Walter and I took a trip to Japan! We were there for about nine days, and visited Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. It was an amazing trip.

We visited Tokyo first.  Tokyo is a very busy city and very clean! Of course, we visited the fish markets (Tsukiji Market); so much fish and sushi!

I was so excited to find Fabric Town in Tokyo! Of course I bought some fabric (already made a yoga bag 🙂 We also visited some gardens and temples in Tokyo, including the Ueno Toshogu Temple, Tsukiji-Honganji Temple, and Rikugien Gardens.

We visited Osaka next! We were so excited to ride the bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka.  We would’ve been able to see Mt. Fuji from the train, but unfortunately it was too cloudy and rainy.

I was a little sad I did not see any Cherry blossoms on this trip, we were a little too late in the year.  We hiked up to the Minoh Falls and spotted some other beautiful flowers and maple trees!

The Osaka Castle was beautiful.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next city we visited was Kyoto. We saw several temples and shrines.  I enjoyed smelling incense so much I bought some for myself!  We visited Fushimi-Inari, Kyoto Chorakuji and Kiyomizu-dera.  Fushimi-Inari Shrine, was one of my favorite sites we visited that day. I loved seeing all the fox statues that were located throughout the shrine, and I loved going through all of the orange shrine gates.

I was excited to see some Bamboo Trees!


Nara, the next city! and yes, more temples, shrines, and gardens.  First, we went through the deer park to go to the Todai-Ji Temple, and the deer there were not so timid!

After that, we went to two more gardens; The Chorakuji and The Isuien Garden (where we drank some delicious matcha tea). Isuien was one of my favorite gardens we saw in Japan.

On our last full day in Japan, we decided to go back to Kyoto and visit more temples.  We went to Kurama-dera Temple which was actually located in Mt. Kurama.

Later on that day, we went to Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Golden Pavilion), it was super shiny! It is supposedly one of the most popular attractions in Japan.


Last by not least, we took a little walk up a small mountain to see some monkeys at the Arashiyama Monkey Park! We fed bananas and peanuts to the monkeys and their adorable monkey babies.

Of course, the food was amazing.  Everything that we ate including Sushi, Ramen, Soba noodles was all delicious.  I loved going to all of the restaurants and eating authentic Japanese food.  I was even more excited going into the places where I had to take my shoes off (so much walking on this trip!).  We also had Kaiseki which is multi course meal.

We also had some delicious Sake, and I never got tired of drinking Matcha tea.

The desserts were also extremely yummy.  I loved the Mochi ice cream, but my favorite dessert was the Kakigori which is a fancy shaved ice dessert.  You can include all sorts of toppings such as chocolate, whipped cream and nuts.

The day we left Japan, we stocked up on so many Japanese snacks, including wasabi and saki flavor Kit Kats and TOKYO BANANA, which are little yummy banana flavored treats.

I loved going into the shops in Japan, not just to buy souvenirs (which of course I did anyway), but to also find inspiration in their art and culture.  We went to several local cute handmade and art shops, and we even located some unique street art in Japan, including painted manhole covers!

I recommend everyone to visit Japan on their next adventure.  It truly is an amazing and beautiful country.  And I definitely recommend Japan to everyone who loves sushi, tea, flowers, trees, and trains!



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