A Busy Winter

I hope everyone was treated well by their sweet hearts this Valentine’s Day!  I had a lovely weekend with my boyfriend and friends skiing in Wintergreen, Virginia and visiting a few breweries.

wintergreen2 wintergreen

While I have been busy this winter with work and skiing, I am still keeping busy with my sewing.  I have now began making zippered pouches that I plan to sell at future craft shows in the springtime.  These pouches can be used as anything from coin purses to small make-up bags.  🙂

pouches pouches3 pouches 2

This month and last month, I also made some new adorable handbags that I are being sold at 3 Little Black Birds.  Recently, I have made a couple sugar skull handbags that have been popular at the store, so I thought the pattern with the skulls and thorn red roses would look really neat as a tote bag and would be a good sell at the store.  I also made a colorful cute owl shoulder bag that would be perfect as a school bag!

skull bag owl bag

Currently, it is snowing and will be for the rest of the evening.  I will soon be focusing on  springtime bags and beach bags to keep my mind off the cold and the rest of the winter.


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