Lilly Dog in a Magazine

This blog entry is dedicated to my Lilly dog being featured in a Quilt magazine!

“Quiltfolk” is an amazing quilt magazine. Each issue is based out on each state and focuses on stories on quilters and quilting communities in that particular state. For example, the first issue takes place in Oregon, and focuses on quilt stories and quilters living in Oregon. The most current issue takes place in the State of Mississippi. When I heard they were doing a special edition issue called “Quiltfolk Dogs” I was very excited. This edition is dedicated to quilt makers and their dogs! The magazine was calling out for entries to submit photos of handmade quilt dog portraits, or pictures of your dog with a quilt. And the editors would choose their favorite photos to be featured. So, I asked my friend to take a few photos of my dog with a couple quilts that I made. We did a whole photoshoot inside the house and out in the back of our house.

I submitted three of my photos to Quiltfolk, and they chose one of my photos to be in the magazine! It was one of my favorite photos of Lilly, out in the backyard in front of our flower bush and next to my handmade autumn quilt.

I am so honored Lilly was featured in their first special edition! I recommend anyone who loves quilts or quilting, to check out this magazine!


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