Crafting in Quarantine

Well, times are tough tight at the moment.  A pandemic is currently happening right now, and the majority of us are under a stay at home order.  Staying at home will save lives, and may even save your life!  Staying at home can be a little tedious, but I have been trying to stay busy.  Working from home and taking Lilly dog to the park (keeping my distance from other people).  Of course,  I have been busy with my sewing machine.  I have heard that hospitals have been short on medical supplies, including masks.  Last week, my best friend and I found a few tutorials online on mask making, so we decided to make several fabric masks to send off to a hospital in need.  Together we made about 43 masks.  I used my leftover fabric and elastic.  Once I ran out if elastic, I decided to make the ties out of fabric.  I think they turned out great!  Of course, they are not as protected as the n95 masks, but they are better than nothing.


Here are some new bags I have made a few weeks ago, including a new yoga mat bag and a Day of the Dead themed bridal tote bag!  All of these bags are now available on my Etsy site.

If you want to help out with making masks, first contact your local hospitals, Dr. offices, nursing homes, etc. to see if any of these places are requesting handmade masks.   Here is a link to one of the many online mask making tutorials.  Please stay safe and healthy!


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