More Fabric Designs

This summer is going by quickly, and I have been busy creating more fabric designs and more bags!  I have used a few of the same and different pictures I took from this year, and combined the images into one pattern.  I especially love the skull fabric, with the two pink roses.  Both roses came from separate pictures I took, and the same skull image I have used in a similar previous design.



Of course,  I have already made 2 bags out of this fabric!

I have been enjoying making bags inspired by the Colorado flag, that I have began to design fabric using the Colorado logo.

I started with designing the CO “C” and the sun on photoshop (Walter helped me with this as well), and combined the Cs with other images including the Colorado flower, and other flower pictures I took.  I thought the designs turned out wonderful!

So far I have made two tote bags, a zippered coin purse, and even a couple doggie scarves out of the CO “Cs”!

CO dog scarvesThis week, I have received more fabric prints that I have designed, I cannot wait to get started sewing with them! And I also began selling some of my designs on!  Check them out!



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