New Fabric and Pattern Designs

I am very excited to have my first three pattern designs printed on fabric!  I loved how these turned out!


I mostly have been using photoshop to make my designs.  The photoshop classes I took a few months ago paid off.  I basically just copied and pasted an item out of the following images I took, and combined them into the patterns.  The items I used in my designs include the Eiffel Tower, flowers, and mountains, all from photographs that were taken by me.

I have had all of my designs printed from Spoonflower.  They are a great company and print all my designs just the way I want them!  Of course, I have already made a totebag, a couple cosmetic bags and coin purses out of the fabrics.

More fabric designs will be arriving soon! In the meantime, I have also been busy making custom tote bags, and a new Colorado handbag that symbolizes pride, also made this month which is pride month!



  1. The Mexican skulls photo is excellent, the blurring is super-spooky! Contrasting the skull with the bright pink peony on the tote bag fabric is a great contrast. I also like the Pride bag, it looks expertly made.


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