New Nature Quilt

I have just finished making my quilt, and it is my first completed creation of 2018!

I started making the quilt around October, and took a month or two break to work on craft fairs, but I finally finished last week. It is able to fit on a queen sized bed, and is super comfy and colorful!

Recently, I have been inspired by the mountains, flowers, snow, and anything related to nature. So I have decided to make a wilderness themed quilt that includes fabric patterns of bears, trees, leaves, and nature colors.

To really make my quilt unique, I had some of my photos I took on hiking/ski trips printed on fabric and sewed them on the quilt. A few examples of pictures I have included were the mountains at Vail, a fox sighting, more mountains and flowers!

Making this quilt was a challenge and very detailed, but it was fun. I am still not perfect at quilting, but I definitely feel like I made something very unique and meaningful for myself. Even though I notice all the quirks, I am really proud of what I made!



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