The Strawberry Jamboree and More Spring Creations

It’s hard to believe that it’s May already!  I have been busy the past few weeks making new bags and pouches.  Last month was my birthday and a couple of my presents was new fabric.  I received pretty spring fabric and new leather/pleather fabric in black, white, red colors.  I love these fabrics and made several few new bags and pouches already.  The white fabric is the most difficult at times because it can get the dirtiest, but so far they have been kept pretty clean.

pink bag polka dot bag red pouch snake bag

The past couple months I was mostly prepping for the Strawberry Jamboree that took place this past weekend at a local farm.  Blu Js’ Designs participated as a vendor at this festival, and it was a beautiful day.  The weather was great (a bit windy) and we made quite a few sales.  Jen and I both sold our creations including tiki torches, tote bags, dog scarves, produce bags, zippered pouches, and soap dispensers. Participating in crafts shows and festivals have always been fun for me because they are a great way to meet and connect with other vendors.

tiki torches tiki torches2 jamboree jamboree2

The next several days, I think I will be taking a brake from sewing and enjoy the warm weather and maybe go to the beach for the first time this season.  This week I also plan to re-activate my etsy account and I will be posting a few of my tote bags and zippered pouches. Stay tuned!


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