Honeymoon in Costa Rica

In April we finally went on our honeymoon…to Costa Rica!! We spent a full week there in two different locations on the Pacific side. The first part of the trip we were in Rio Perdido which is located in Bagaces, and the second half of the trip we stayed in Tamarindo.

The drinks and food were amazing, and Costa Rica is full of critters including monkeys, iguanas, aardvarks, and sloths (which unfortunately we didn’t get to see.)

Rio Perdido Hotel & Thermal River was absolutely gorgeous and authentic. This place felt so peaceful just being in the middle of the rainforest. It was very hot and we also were visiting during the dry season so there was not much rain. Rio Perdido Resort was also a very exciting place, where we did some ziplining, water tubing, and also did a night tour in the jungle. I loved looking at all the plants and flowers.

The pools and the pool bar were also amazing where we had several yummy snacks and fruity drinks.

The thermal rivers around the resort were heated, but very relaxing and very pretty. Of course, they were swimmable!

Thermal Rivers

We also went on a hike to see some volcanoes in the distance. It was a great hike, but it was very hot!

The volcano view from our hike

The best part of Rio Perdido, was all the monkeys we got to see just right outside of our hotel! They came in groups a couple times a day, and got a bit close at times!

After our stay in Rio Perdido, we took the rental car and journeyed off to Tamarindo. On the way, we stopped at a National Park and saw some more monkeys and other animals, and did another cool hike. Not to mention, we also saw some cool painted rocks along the way to the park.

After the park, we continued our journey and drove through farm fields and trees, and even spotted an Alligator! Unfortunately, it moved too fast for me to take a picture.

We arrived out our second all inclusive resort just outside of the Town of Tamarindo. The beaches around us were beautiful.

The pool at the resort was big and wonderful, with a drink and snack bar right next to it. The resort also included a spa where we got our “couples” massage. And the flowers and plants surrounding the resort were beautiful.

The next day, we checked out the Town of Tamarindo where we swam in the ocean, had drinks, shopped, and had dinner right by the water on Walter’s Birthday…and the sunset was amazing!

I really enjoyed the shops in Tamarindo. There were several local artists and businesses, and I also spotted several dream catchers that were for sale and used as décor outside of restaurants.

The last couple days we walked along the beach near our hotel. Unfortunately, there were a lot of rip currents, so we could not really swim in the ocean, but we spotted another beautiful sunset. We also came across a night market in Tamarindo that we just had to check out! There were some amazing local handmade vendors.

Night Market!

I really took advantage of the seafood and fresh fruit in Costa Rica. We noticed several Italian restaurants in Tamarindo, so we checked one of those out, and of course the food was delicious.

This was a fantastic trip and honeymoon. Rio Perdido was my favorite location. Exploring the thermal rivers and the jungle was very unique to me. Tamarindo was amazing as well, although a bit more of a party town, but I really enjoyed the beaches and shops. I was also excited I got to be in Costa Rica on Earth Day! I was able to really appreciate all the plants, flowers, and animals. If anyone is looking for a relaxing/adventure vacation I would highly recommend these two locations in Costa Rica. I hope to go back one day and visit the East side!


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